When travelling to my boyfriend and his parents I drew some pictures to bring as a thank you for being so hospitable and kind to me when I was there.
When asked for what they liked I got the answer of fruits.

I made three different fruit drawings for that trip.
This is the first one.
Here you can follow my way of drawing.

First I lightly shade in everything that I’m going to draw (I really don’t like starting on a white piece of paper. It’s almost crippling.. I’m afraid of destroying it! 😉 )
Then I find the next darker area on the set up and continue from there.
As I go through the image, shading it to a darker level, I also try to keep track on the values.
One of the best things when it comes to drawing practices, is to always put in the lightest and the darkest value before starting on anything else.
That way you can have a reference as to how far to take the darkness/lightness in the picture, and it will be easier to find the right values.
By first shading in the subject lightly, you might feel that you actually go darker than you think. Hence putting in that dark dark value, and basically marking how far to go, you can more easily see the ‘right’ values by comparing the shading to the darker spot.
When I did the drawing for this post, I thought that I had shaded in pretty dark when I was at the stage of the first picture. (I thought I had taken it really really dark with those grapes)
But taking a second look on those grapes, in the second picture, when I’ve actually shaded in the darkest  spots of them, they don’t really seem to have any shape any more. They pale in comparison to the top layer of grapes.
When you have come to that stage it is just to keep on shading, and drawing, until you get the value that you want, and that you feel can bring the drawing together.

This took me around 5-6 hours to complete. Although I kept staring at those grapes thinking that I would never be able to do them justice. I also wanted to make sure that I got it right, so all the shading went in very light steps, barely adding more value each time.
I guess having gone almost 7 months without doing more than a rough sketch I felt quite rusty and so I wanted to make sure that I got it right.

I’m sorry the pictures are a bit blurry. It was taken with my phone, because I couldn’t find my real camera at that point.

Vin och vin 800



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