So I found this great way of compiling and publishing an art portfolio. Before I had always worked with Adobe Illustrator, for some reason, to make the one sheets for publications or art exhibitions, but now I found that Adobe InDesign is designed for that direct purpose…

…I know.. I worked with InDesign in 2012 a lot, doing brochures and other publishing materials, so I don’t know why the idea to do my portfolio in it never struck me.

But, here it is. Finally.
Well, at least the portfolio for February 2014, to be submitted to scholarships.

Issue Magazines – Art Portfolio 20014



I have finally come around to start uploading to my Redbubble account again. Only this time I’m  working with graphics instead of photographs.

This is the first one out in a series of graphic prints that I’m hoping to make it up there in a short while.

Please check it out on my Redbubble account. flowerplate