New profile painting

  I was looking over some of my paintings and drawings lately, and I realised that I hadn’t drawn/painted a portrait in a while. The one of my boyfriend doesn’t really count here, as I’m still working on that, and it needed to dry before I could apply any other layer. I also wanted an excuse to sit down properly at my drawingboard to draw/paint/doodle for a longer period of time, so I thought, “hey! lets do it!” But who […]

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Zombie contest submission

So Halloween has come and passed. Quite quickly I might add. Felt like it would be longer until it was November (I guess that is always the feeling of a newly started university semester….right?) The same company, gaming company, that did the Halloween pumpkin contest also had a zombie-fication contest. That consisted of drawing one of their characters as a zombie. I thought long of what character I would do and settled on a sweet little support called Lulu. She’s […]

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I have finally come around to start uploading to my Redbubble account again. Only this time I’m  working with graphics instead of photographs.

This is the first one out in a series of graphic prints that I’m hoping to make it up there in a short while.

Please check it out on my Redbubble account. flowerplate

Life drawing Sketch

So finally I have been able to sit down with my new drawing board and sketched some. I’ve really missed sketching, and I can start to feel it in my fingers when I have not been doing it for a while. It is like you are getting restless but cannot really figure out what to do, not until you get a pen/pencil in your hand and you have this eureka moment. Or well, I did at least 😉 Before the […]

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