I have said to myself so many times, that I should draw everyday… and every time I draw the set time (usually an hour) for a week or two straight. And then comes that day when you don’t have time!
I think most of us has been there right? After that day.. it is hard to come back to drawing, or doing anything for that matter, every day.
For me, I was drawing an hour after dinner, every day, with life drawings. Then came the final project for my undergraduate degree, the dissertation.
Well, there was no time to draw, just write write write.  And I got lost in the non-drawing period again.

However, I heard a professional artist talk about his journey, and it was quite interesting, since a lot of what he brought up is what I am thinking and going through right now.
He mentioned that up until his 20-ish year he just thought art was something he was good at, and would do when he was bored, but not something that he could work with.

Although he mentioned more things that I can relate to, he did say that he got a whole new perspective with a new habit. ’cause as me, he has had these two weeks on and off drawing as well.
He bought a 500-page sketch book and a pen, and then promised himself that he would draw one drawing per day. It could be for two hours, or two minutes, it did not matter, as long as he drew one per day.
He is still doing that eight years later… and today he’s a professional artist.
So I was thinking it might work for me too 😉

Since I’m going into an art based Masters, I might as well spend my summer brushing up on my techniques and skills with both drawing and modelling. I haven’t bought a new sketch-book (ask my mum.. I have too many anyway! 🙂 ) but I am definitely going to try to form this habit.

Below you can see my first attempt at this habit.
Was stuck in bed yesterday with a fever, so I’m sorry this comes out on a Sunday instead.
Wish me luck with the habit! 😀


2014-05-25 16.26.16

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