I was looking over some of my paintings and drawings lately, and I realised that I hadn’t drawn/painted a portrait in a while.
The one of my boyfriend doesn’t really count here, as I’m still working on that, and it needed to dry before I could apply any other layer.

I also wanted an excuse to sit down properly at my drawingboard to draw/paint/doodle for a longer period of time, so I thought, “hey! lets do it!”
But who to do? I didn’t want to hassle my boyfriend again, not too soon at least, since I’m already doing his profile (and yes, under protests 😉 ) so I figured I’d use mine.
What is easier to use than yourself?

I realised I also needed to update some of my profile pictures around the web too, so this was a win.

Here it is.
Took me 3 working days.. approx 15-16 hours I’d say. Still getting used to the board.

profil step 12 Done


I added a few details a long the way too:

profil detail preview1

The earring, before the hair


profil detail preview2



And after the hair

profil detail preview3 profil detail preview4


The necklace I got from my boyfriend, and a close up of the eye


I have to say, I really enjoyed doing this. Although I still need to work on a few things, I’m mostly satisfied on how it turned out. But you know how an artist is..  😉
(Especially when it comes to drawing/painting yourself)


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