The next portrait in the ‘Nephew’s ‘ Line.
This is the last portrait for the ‘just-turned-4’ nephews. I have one that that is coming up in 3 years time (yeah, he just turned one so it’ll be a little while) and then two older nephews at 13 and 15 that I need to find good pictures of.

Guess I need to see if I can hassle my brother into rummaging through his old photo albums 🙂

Finally, the exams are over! Hopefully that will be my last exams, and I hope that I’ve passed them all. One of them I’m not so sure about.

So for the near future, I’m working on my dissertation and then trying to find a university for a Masters degree.
I know what I want to do, now the quest is to find a university that will allow me to do it, despite the fact that I do not have an undergraduate degree in a ‘relevant’ field,  meaning art or design.
Then again… computing science should be a relevant field, I think, to computer graphics and animation 😉 Let’s hope they’ll see it that way too.

So for the next couple of months I’m going to work on my portfolio, practice my 3D modelling and just get better at what I love to do. Nephew III

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