This week I have been working a lot with my university to work. Hopefully I’ll get some more time to draw come December, as that is the month of due dates.
I like being done with the assessments before hand, so that month should be a bit more free. Hopefully at least 😀

This week I have been doing some life drawings again. Although this week I didn’t feel like sitting on my ball (yes, I do not have a chair, but a ball to sit on! Helps with balance and is so much better for my back) but rather snuggle up next to my boyfriend in the sofa to draw. It was definitely a good decision as he poured me a large cup of tea while I drew.
The winter is coming, or at least making itself noticed. The flat has become more chilly in the mornings and I have resorted into always having a pair of thick socks on me.
I miss the summer and barefoot-friendly weather!

2013-11-09 21.07.01

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