So finally I have been able to sit down with my new drawing board and sketched some.

I’ve really missed sketching, and I can start to feel it in my fingers when I have not been doing it for a while. It is like you are getting restless but cannot really figure out what to do, not until you get a pen/pencil in your hand and you have this eureka moment.
Or well, I did at least 😉
Before the summer I didn’t have time to draw that much since I was quite busy with university studies and all the rest of the student life that comes with it. I had my hopes that I would be able to draw during the summer though and the 4 months of vacation that we got (yupp, you read right, 4 months of vacation). I didn’t know much else to do, except programming, so I thought it would be an excellent time to get up to speed with drawing and painting.
This summer I brought my drawing board home with me, and it worked…

… for a week. Then it started acting up and it was impossible to use it any more.
But I got to paint any way. My family painted the house and the fence up at the cottage, and I got to draw some pictures before I headed down to my boyfriend.

Getting this new drawing board though I can finally get back into drawing at least one hour a day and I’ve really missed that.

Here is the first sketch among many I hope, and maybe I’ll continue with this one for a future painting. We’ll see. But I have to say I really like her pose. It is very strong!
This is made from a model, and not from my own imagination. I know that it might look like she doesn’t have much balance, but did stay like that in a window frame.. =)life drawing

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