My friends who know me know I grow tired of studying after a while, and having pens nearby (because after all you are studying) makes me start drawing. Often on myself though – that is if I don’t have some paper nearby (that is not related to what I’m studying).

So this week I redid a tattoo on my hand that I posted on facebook a while back.  It is still art even though it may not be quite related to why I have this blogg. But hey, every step of the way counts right? 😉

TattooAs you can see in the picture above I have my wonderful thick socks on me. I wouldn’t survive here in Scotland without them!

Maybe next time I’ll try to do some more runes, as I quite like how they look. (I need to study up on them again. I’m still good at writing them, but reading them is a different matter… )

It is almost DECEMBER!
Soon there is Christmas all around.. or well. Now I guess. Tomorrow!
I can’t wait to see all the shops with Christmas themes!


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