So this is the time of the year again, the time of zombies and monsters.
Usually at this time of the year I’m dancing in the Thrill the World flashmob and paint people’s faces, but this year I just stayed home and relaxed (I blame it on a cold and not on the boyfriend with a hot cup of chocolate in his hand 😉 ) which was very nice to be honest!

But, I did give in to one thing this halloween – a pumpkin!
This would be the second pumpkin I’ve done. Last years pumpkin was my first one, and personally I think it turned out great. So trying to top it this year was very challenging.

This year there was a nice competition though, for a game that I play, and I thought why not. So I carved and carved.. and once I was finished I noticed that it was only for North America residents..

Oh well.. I still have a nice pumpkin!

Pumpkinhead fiddle


This is last years pumpkin too:
(So you can see for yourself. You be the judge if I managed to get better this year.)

pumpkin house

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