Hi folks!

Sorry for the lack of content these weeks. Currently sitting with my dissertation, final year project, and it is taking a while to debug the code, fixing the design and writing.

However, I’m nearly there! I’ve written 16 000 words out of 17 000 and have finished all coding plus a poster for a conference.

Deadline for the code and report is due this Friday, and my presentation is on Wednesday.
Until then I will most likely put all my effort into finishing this project, with only a few minor pauses (like trying to hunt for food in the frozen aisles of Morrisons 😉 )

After this Friday I hope I can get some stuff up here so that I can show you what I have done, and then this summer I’m going to be working solely on my art (and two languages 😉  I can do that simultaneously!)

See you on the other side of the deadline!

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