12 May 2014

Crunching for Dissertation

Hi folks! Sorry for the lack of content these weeks. Currently sitting with my dissertation, final year project, and it is taking a while...

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15 February 2014

My Set-up

Someone asked me how my set up looked when I paint. Well this is it:It is not very exciting, but then again, I’m still...

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7 December 2013

Hand tattoo

My friends who know me know I grow tired of studying after a while, and having pens nearby (because after all you are studying)...

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26 October 2013

New project

  I haven’t had too much time this week to draw and paint with the various tasks to complete for university. This week we...

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12 October 2013

Fruit Bowl, the next in the series

Here is the third drawing I did for my trip to Cyprus. Since I got the answer that they liked fruit, what can be...

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13 September 2013

Mandatory First Post

So, finally I have arrived at the place for the first post to be written. I have thought long and much on what to...

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