25 May 2014

Start of new habit

I have said to myself so many times, that I should draw everyday… and every time I draw the set time (usually an hour)...

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25 January 2014

Nephew III

  The next portrait in the ‘Nephew’s ‘ Line. This is the last portrait for the ‘just-turned-4’ nephews. I have one that that is...

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23 November 2013

Drawing sold!

  A couple of years a go I had the fortune of being to be able to be a part of a friends tutoring...

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16 November 2013

Lifedrawing #2

This week I have been working a lot with my university to work. Hopefully I’ll get some more time to draw come December, as...

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12 October 2013

Fruit Bowl, the next in the series

Here is the third drawing I did for my trip to Cyprus. Since I got the answer that they liked fruit, what can be...

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28 September 2013

Life drawing Sketch

So finally I have been able to sit down with my new drawing board and sketched some. I’ve really missed sketching, and I can...

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21 September 2013


This is the second painting I did for my boyfriend’s family, and the one that they now have in their house. Unfortunately I do...

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13 September 2013


When travelling to my boyfriend and his parents I drew some pictures to bring as a thank you for being so hospitable and kind...

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