New project

  I haven’t had too much time this week to draw and paint with the various tasks to complete for university. This week we had to brainstorm the first pitch for our business class. It was fun, although we are still sitting with the videos, trying to convert them from one format to another so that we can submit it. The next project for me will be to start a new painting. This time it will be my boyfriend that […]

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Life drawings and yet another week

Yet another week have passed, and the school work is starting to pile up. It is understandable since it is the last year of university, but sometimes you would wish that the lecturers/professors would talk to one another about maybe not putting all of the deadlines in the same week, let alone on the same day! But I guess that is ideal thinking. Oh.. and they haven’t even started talking to us about our dissertation. *sigh* Soon I hope they […]

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Fruit Bowl, the next in the series

Here is the third drawing I did for my trip to Cyprus. Since I got the answer that they liked fruit, what can be better than drawing a bowl full of fruit? Once again though, there was grapes in it… and a lot more of them this time! Maybe I will get good at grapes one day 🙂 Instead of just posting the pictures of the steps, I made a small ‘step-by-step’ so that you can see what I have […]

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I have finally come around to start uploading to my Redbubble account again. Only this time I’m  working with graphics instead of photographs.

This is the first one out in a series of graphic prints that I’m hoping to make it up there in a short while.

Please check it out on my Redbubble account. flowerplate