"The most intriguing paintings are the ones that capture a glimpse of the sitter's soul and personality. Not just the visual aspect, but the very essence of the model. 

Timeless and full of character. That's the paintings I want to create. That's the memories I want to capture."

Sanna Kempe


Sanna Kempe has been painting, drawing and creating for as long as she can remember. Due to having a creative mother, there was always various creative outlets to pursue and try out at home.

Creating art has always been something Sanna has done alongside with school work, and her career. But it wasn't until she was around 30 that she realised she wanted to persue it full-time.

Having started with a Bachelor Degree in Computing Science, she combined her degree and love for art with a Masters Degree in Game Art and a subsequent career creating characters for the videogames industry.

Even though her days were filled with art as a professional artist, she still longed back to the easel and the smell of fresh paint. She found that the digital art wasn't a replacement, but rather a compliment to the traditional medium.

During the 2020 pandemic she found herself putting aside time to really focus in on solidifying her knowledge and mastery of the foundations, the medium and learning new (and old) techniques from Masters of the trade (past time and present time).